1976 – 1989 History

March 29, 1976 Ice Storm – In a matter of hours, York and Fillmore counties were among a 1,000 square-mile area of devastation bounded by Grand Island and Hastings on the west, Lincoln on the east, the Nebraska-Kansas border on the south and the Platte River on the north. In the Perennial service territory more than 800 miles of line were down amounting to 50% of the district’s lines. Almost every line that was running east and west was either on the ground or severely damaged. Every customer in the district was without power, with some as long as a month.

Shortly after the ice storm of March 29, 1976, a new general manager by the name of Craig W. DeBower took over. DeBower was general manager until October of 1978 when he was replaced by Hilary Neesen.

June 1978 – District purchases first “large” digger-derrick making it possible to maintain transmission line.

December 1978 – District purchased first “large” bucket truck making it possible to do “hot-line”

December 1982 – Major ice storm hits service area and many customers are without power for 2 days. The remainder of the winter yielded big snows and the following Spring was so wet some farmers were unable to plant.

June 1983 – A tornado touched down causing major damage in the Bruning/Ohiowa areas of Fillmore County.

April 1985 – District celebrates the 50th Anniversary of REA with an open house.

July 1986 – District builds new pole yard

September 1987 – District plans buy-down option with REA.

December 1987 – District and City of York debate on electrical service rights on the newly annexed area of York.

January 1989 – District and NPPD underwent a service area exchange. In exchange for the newly annexed area of York (Interstate 80 area), 170 miles of line and 5 towns were traded to the district.

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