Energy Efficiency

Making your home or business more energy efficient is one of the quickest ways to lower your energy cost and save you money. This can be achieved by improving your building envelope by sealing air leaks, replacing old doors and windows, adding insulation, or any method to lower the air infiltration on your building space. Updating your appliances is also a great way to lower your energy cost. We offer the following information and energy efficient tips to help you achieve those goals.

CutAwayHouseHome Efficiency Checklist
The Home Efficiency Checklist will show you a number of easy inexpensive “do it yourself” projects that will reduce your heating and cooling costs and also make your home a healthier more comfortable place to live.

Building Technology For Your New Home
Here you will find the latest technologies for your new home that meets or exceeds your expectations of how your new home will perform as a system.

How can you buy or build a GREEN BUILDING-Nebraska Certified HomeSM? Nebraska Energy Office Program

ES_Logo_smallestHomes that earn the ENERGY STAR include four “must have” features behind the walls that will make you more comfortable, reduce utility bills, and help protect the environment.  Read more


Appliances and Energy Usage

Electric Usage in Your Home
There are many ways you depend on electricity. As your electric supplier we’ve developed this brochure to help you determine your electric usage. We hope this will help you use your electricity as efficiently as possible.

Equipment and Appliance Checklist
If you are concerned about your electric bill, this “do it yourself” checklist will cover some major energy consuming devices and ways to better control your electrical usage.

Why has my electrical usage gone up?
Here is a list of things to consider when you are concerned about higher electrical usage on your monthly bill.