1990 – 1999 History

March 1990 – Numerous tornados crossed the district service area causing extensive damage.

July 8, 1993 – The entire district saw damage when a major windstorm hit the service area. 11 of 13 substations were without power and the district lost 23 transmission and 100 distribution poles. Several primary and secondary lines were also damaged due to falling tree limbs.

November 1994 – Rural Extra is inserted into the Rural Electric Nebraskan magazine.

November 15, 1994 – High Plains Corporation ethanol plant began production. The capacity is expected to be 35 million gallons per year.

December 1994 – REA out, RUS in – After 130 years, reorganization took place within the United States Department of Agriculture. REA was eliminated and RUS (Rural Utilities Services) went into place.

December 1996 – Early that year the Nebraska Legislature adopted a resolution, LR455 directing the Natural Resource Committee to study the electrical industry in Nebraska and the possible effects of competition and industry restructuring.

October 25, 1997 – Most of rural Fillmore County and parts of southeastern York County were in the dark after a blizzard hit the service area. Crews from Polk County PPD and Butler PPD were brought in to help. A total of 764 services were without power. The majority of customers were back on in 4 days.

1998 – District launches internet website.

1999 – Over the past year the district had been working with its power supplier Nebraska Public Power District and other wholesale and municipal customers of NPPD on a project know as “Future Strategies.” The mission of the project was to develop strategies to improve the efficiency of the electric industry in the state and to prepare for competition in a deregulated environment. There were 3 components of Future Strategies. The first involved the realignment of retail service areas and sub-transmission systems to increase operational efficiencies. Under this plan 7 towns in the district’s service area and served by NPPD Retail, were realigned to the district. Additionally the district acquired 108 miles of 34.5 kV sub-transmission line from NPPD. A second component of Future Strategies was the formation of an Energy Services Company or (ESCO). This organization provided the district, NPPD and other wholesale power districts the ability to effectively offer energy related products and services to customers. Examples of these products were surge suppression equipment, energy analysis programs, and bill payer assistance programs.

January 4, 1999 – District turns 60.

July 1999 – Issued statement to customers letting them know that the district had been studying the operations of the district in preparation for Year 2000 (Y2K). Y2K ended up having little if any effect on the district.

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